The Wildflowers Model-building™ Process

A breakthrough technology for designing powerful strategies and meaningful social spaces for civic engagement among diverse groups of people.

Wildflowers Institute offers the Wildflowers Model-building™ process to help institutions and communities to see and understand different social realities and to design solutions that bring people together and make a difference in sustaining ways.

Institutions and communities are using our proprietary process to construct a lens for understanding the complexity of their challenges and for visualizing their strategies and aspirations. Through a sequence of creating three-dimensional designs using blocks and figures, participants rapidly form a consensus around a common reality and mutually agreeable strategies. Wildflowers Model-building™ also serves as a mirror to reflect the architecture and the underlying premises that hold people and institutions togethers. Similar to the Transparent Mirror of the Western Han Dynasty (206 b.c.e. – 24 c.e), this process reveals invisible patterns embedded in the system. (Click on The Han Mirror to learn more about the attributes of the Transparent Mirror.)

The Wildflowers Model-building™ process generally requires two days and is facilitated by a trained Wildflowers analyst.

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