Benjamin Ahmad

Tina Alejo

Luis Avelar

MC Canlas

Ben Davis

Marcelino Lopez

Larry Moody

Michael Reichert

Pedro Robles

Kouichoy Saechao

Mauro Tumbocon

Francis Wong


Wildflowers’ fellows are cultural trailblazers, leaders with deep roots in their own communities and the vision to help lead those communities in new directions. Fellows provide leadership in developing community think tanks and training programs in their communities. Through these sites, the fellows help us highlight community assets and strengths and uncover organic formations in order to deepen understanding of the community’s culture. Since 2000, Wildflowers has invited 16 individuals from five communities in the United States to serve as fellows. They represent a diverse array of experiences and talents, transcending typical professional and cultural boundaries, and putting them at the forefront of creating new paradigms for the 21st century.